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New York Roma / Gypsy human rights film festival.

May 2008 / MEHANATA , NYC.
113 Ludlow street NYC

Through literally centuries of slavery, genocide, massacres, and relentless ostracizing, the Romani (Gypsy) people, who presently number around 15 million worldwide, continue to suffer unprecedented levels of violence, civilian attacks, fervent segregation, police brutality, and an appalling lack of legitimate representation in art and media.

The second annual NY Gypsy Film Festival taking place in May is dedicated to embracing the Roma culture and heritage of gypsies from around the world. All screenings, Q&A's, and musical events will be held at the Bulgarian Bar, Mehanata, located @ 113 Ludlow St. in the Lower East Side .

We would greatly appreciate any feedback and suggestions. Tell us via email about meaningful films dealing with issues that the Romani people are facing. We also especially encourage any Roma/Gypsy film makers, professionals or amateurs to submit their work, considering this film festival is about the heart and substance of the issues.

SUBMISSION FEE: Only $15 US Dollars. Everyone is welcome including those without sufficient funds. Discussions with filmmakers, screenings, and events including very special musical guests will be announced throughout the week.

CO-director Alex Dimitrov Al Jerrari